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#WebApp #Improvements

Fixes and improvements

  • Moves briefing from briefing modal to side menu in the creative environment
  • Adds a "more" button and a "more" menu in the navigation of the creative environment
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the coworker's indicators from appearing in the navigation of the creative environment
  • Fixes a bug when duplicating a document
  • The search input automatically gets focused when opening dropdown menus with a search input field
  • Fixes a bug related to the real-time updates when adding a new block via the creative environment
  • Fixes a bug that passed the wrong locale to confirmation modal on workspace settings card
  • The verification of signup, sign-in, and authentication emails are now case-insensitive
  • Updates story layout to enable block selection from outside the canvas
  • It fixes a positioning issue on the block menu
  • Adds "tel:" and "mailto:" support for links
  • Enables block menu actions on click events
  • Fixes an ordering issue on copy and pasting with selected items
  • Removes multiplied placeholders in lists with links
  • Updates clipboard events to use HTML, preferably
  • Updates styles of headings and link elements in the editor
#WebApp #NewFeatures

A new passwordless authentication system

We teamed up with to implement a passwordless authentication experience and strengthen security. So say goodbye to memorizing your password or answering annoying security questions to access your Storyliner account. ensures enterprise-grade security and is SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, as well as undergoing regular 3rd-party security tests.

#WebApp #NewFeatures

Celebrate your creative work with emoji reactions

Respond in a fun way to your teammates' work, or convey your emotions with our emoji reactions. Emoji reactions are a quick and fun way to respond to creative work. Instead of having to reply with a message, you can react to documents using any emoji in the emoji menu, expressing how you feel in a lightweight way. So show your teammates some appreciation 👍

Reactions menu
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Better collaboration with document status and accountability markers

Keep your content creation on track. You can now manage Documents and Stories just like you manage projects. Set a status and delegate work to your teammates with our workflow markers.

You can assign documents to your teammates and see who is in charge or currently working on a specific document. To outline in which stage a current document is, you can set the status to "To do," "In progress," or "Done."

Kollaboration markers
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Manage access to stories with new user role

Within Storyliner, there were previously three different user roles - owners, administrators, and creators. Owners created the workspace; Administrators could manage it, and its members and Creators could create and manage content. Now we have added another user role: Collaborators.

Collaborators cannot create or manage content at first. They can only edit or view content after approval. This way, you gain more control over your content operation and team members and finer management of who has access to certain content.

You can use the share button to manage team members and update access rights in the creative environment.

Share Modal
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Download stories and documents separately

To integrate seamlessly with your current technology stack, you could always download the entire Story with all its documents. Yet, with implementing the updated creative brief, we extended the download functionality. You can now download each document separately from the rest of the Story in the known file formats - DOCX, TXT, or MD.

#WebApp #NewFeatures

Document your communication guidelines

Put an end to inconsistent communication. You can document your communication strategy and set goals, audiences, or language guidelines from now on. With Storyliner, you can capture language rules, the addressee, store your brand dictionaries, and writing standards. You can use these to organize your content, e.g., categorize each story in its creative brief.

In future updates, we'll use this information to make sure you stick to them in different formats across all channels, with real-time recommendations in the creative environment.

Document your communication guidelines
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Reworked filters for blocks and stories

We recently overhauled filters for blocks and stories. These filters will help you better understand what's going on in your workspace and refine views to just the statuses you want to see. You can filter the Blocks pages by collection and story name, and the Stories pages by status and collection.

Reworked filters for blocks and stories
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Save your Storylines as templates

To be honest - in marketing, we often use the same type of content over and over again instead of new creations. This is perfectly fine, of course, because most content in corporate communications is created with a goal in mind and is not an end in itself.

Now you can save your created storylines as templates and reuse them for new stories. This saves you time when creating new content and, at the same time, increases your content consistency and quality.

You can save your creation in the Storyline Planner and load it at any time via the Genre and Storyline Gallery.

Storylines Gallery
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Finally, a place for your creative briefings

A creative brief has become the gold standard when creating content strategically for corporate communication. A well-written brief helps you to better plan, it will save you time, and you'll maintain accountability and communication.

You can now fill out a brief for each Story to outline the strategy. The briefing in Storyliner contains details, including the content's purpose, goals, requirements, messaging, and other essential information. It also consists of the central storyline. You can use it to develop your content pieces for different communication channels and content types.

The brief helps you and your creative team better understand a Story from the start and maybe present it to key stakeholders and clients.

Furthermore, based on the briefing, you receive recommendations, inspiration, and quality improvement suggestions from Storyliner.

Finally, a place for your creative briefings
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Storyliner adds an image search feature with Unsplash.

When searching for an image, the free photo platform, Unsplash, is for many creatives the go-to address to find high-quality photos for their concepts and content pieces.

You can now use our image search feature to enhance your documents visually. With the integration, you can choose from over 2 million high-quality images from Unsplash and insert them directly into Storyliner.

Here you can find more information about the Unsplash license.

Storyliner adds an image search feature with Unsplash.
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Use dark mode in Storyliner

You can now use Storyliner in a darker, higher-contrast color theme. This helps make working in Storyliner easier on your eyes. You can turn on dark mode from your account settings or sync dark mode in Storyliner with your operating system (OS) settings on specific devices.

#WebApp #NewFeatures

See who is editing

In our second major release regarding collaboration capabilities, you can now see where your teammates are editing. When a coworker or collaborator accesses the same document as you, her cursor appears in the spot where she is editing. So, never lose sight of what your team is working on.

See who is editing
#WebApp #NewFeatures

Collaboration without the chaos

We have launched the collaborative capability of the creative environment. What is barely visible on the outside is significantly improved under the hood. You can now work on the same Story with your team in parallel. Once a collaborator is online, you will see their profile picture appear in the menu bar.

#ChromeExtension #Improvements

Chrome Extension updated

The Storyliner Chrome Extension is now available for our new platform environment with a slightly optimized feature package and better performance.

Content creation has never been more productive

Switch to Dark Mode

Storyliner is currently available in an exclusive beta version.

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