Don't be a Sisyphus, be a Storyliner.

For years, content creation was a Sisyphean task. Not anymore — we fixed it. Storyliner’s fresh approach transforms content creation into something you want to do instead of micro-managing tools, a constant lacking of ideas, and endless copying and pasting.
Don't be a Sisyphus, be a Storyliner.

How Storyliner helps you create



Blocks are like individual scenes that together tell a story. You can use Blocks to develop your idea into a concept. You can format passages, arrange text, insert images or inspiration, and create the perfect workflow for your content operation.


A Storyline defines the narrative structure of your Story. In Storyliner, you can string Blocks together in a logical order to make the entire Story easy to understand and follow and adapt it more efficiently for different communication channels.


The Storyline is used to derive a Document containing the final content for a specific communication occasion, communication channel, or content format. This way, you can easily create multiple Documents from one Storyline.


With Storyliner, you create compelling content – or in other terms, Stories. A Story holds everything together: the creative brief, the documents for each channel, the team's responsibilities, the editorial status, and the Storyline.

Create a concept in minutes, publish high-quality content.

Start with a Genre – a predefined professional presentation form. You can also start with a self-developed Storyline or from scratch.
In the briefing, you plan your Story. You define the audience, the objective, and the concept. It is the basis for machine-generated inspiration.
The Storyline represents the foundation of the Story in terms of content. You develop it once and can then quickly adapt it for the individual communication channels and occasions.
Fine-tune content for each communication channel. Get machine-generated inspiration, examples, and content analysis and feedback from your content team.
Publish the finished Story to the platform of your choice. You can download each document individually or publish it directly via the Zapier integration.
#1 – Choose a Genre
Text generation
Our language model generates text suggestions based on your creative briefing for headlines, introductions, etc., which you can directly adopt as inspiration.

Enhance your creative output with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Built on top of the world's most advanced AI language models, Storyliner helps you to boost your creativity while increasing your quality and productivity.

Enrich your Stories with smart blocks, saved content, and our partner integrations.

Structure, and compose your Stories with ease and our Concept Blocks.
Dominic Strobel
„With Storyliner, we managed to get structure into our editorial process for Instagram. Based on defined Storylines, we have developed a series of recurring formats that saves us a lot of time in content creation.“
Dominic StrobelManaging Director, Strobel & Walter GmbH

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