January 27, 2020

Storyliner wins German Excellence Award

Storyliner wins German Excellence Award
Storyliner was awarded as the winner in the category "Digital Services B2B (Start-ups)" on 23 January 2020 in Berlin as part of the German Excellence Award.

The name says it all: the German Excellence Award honors excellent products, services, campaigns, projects, and movers and shakers in the business sector. The award is presented by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), the DUB UNTERNEHMER magazine, and the news channel n-tv: and we were there!

Why the jury and we believe in Storyliner

Every day countless contents are produced. In doing so, we consume more and more messages and information in an ever shorter time. This change leads to massive challenges for companies and organizations that have to create content themselves. Whether it's an Instagram post, a blog post, or a YouTube video, content-thinking entrepreneurs or communication teams often need to create high-quality content in the shortest possible time. Consumers expect new ideas and a wide range of topics every day.

Over the past decades, the creation and production of content have remained unchanged. Even today, the creative process starts on a blank sheet of paper. Content creators are always dealing with the same questions: What should I write? How do I start? Who is my target group? …

Here, Storyliner supports the creation of content for corporate communications with an artificial intelligence-supported creation process. Tips, inspiration, recommendations, and constant feedback turn loose ideas into comparing content.

We thank our supporters and the jury for the award.

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Nelly Ebi

Nelly Ebi

As an information designer, user-centered design is the focus of her work. She creates holistic customer experiences from raw data and loose content.

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